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Buddy Goes to Nollywood

Experimental – Channel 4

My hero Buddy Munro, stuntman and legend. Channel 4 Experimental.  Michael Lebor, TIm Shaw

Saatchi Saatchi NYC

Welcome To The Punch

This “behind the scenes featurette” of “Welcome to the Punch” was filmed in 2012. The film premiered at cinemas in 2013 around the world. Director Eran Creevy teamed up with Rory Aitken and Ben Pugh, the producers of his first film ‘Shifty’, which was very well received and critically acclaimed. In this film, Rani and the production…

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Zoo World

Zoo World is an experimental short film, shot while visiting two of my best friends in NYC. The idea was to look at humans from a natural history perspective and through that prism, observe some of the key behaviours that are unique to our species, particularly religion and war. The film can now be viewed…

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Two Years On

I spent a month in Sierra Leone traveling around the country documenting the great work of charity Save The Children with some of the poorest communities on the planet. It was great to celebrate the success of NGO intervention, rather than concentrate on the potential pitfalls.